Tertúlia Escocesa podcast cover, by Palavra Escocesa. It portrays a hand-drawn 
                lighthouse on a cliff, with a house on its side, the sea, cliffs on the background and birds
                flying in the sky.

Tertúlia Escocesa is a podcast created by Palavra Escocesa. Make sure to listen if you want to hear more about history, curiosities, or any other subject related to Scotland or linguistics.

Broadcasted from the fictitious town of Inchgall, on the east coast of Scotland, the show is hosted by Nichola, the current lighthouse keeper of the region. From the top of the lighthouse, or travelling through the country, Nichola tells us about the history of the Scots language, the obstacles that Scots speakers continue to face until this day, and how they fight the attempted erasure of their culture.

The first season is based on the book Scots: The Mither Tongue, written by Billy Kay, and its goal is to make the content of the book accessible to Brazilians and all Portuguese speakers.